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Equipment Sales

Tim Ward


David MacGregor

Vice President of Operations & Territory Sales Manager (FL & TX)

Neal Coulter

Territory Sales Manager (AL, GA, NC, SC & TN)

Patrick Schumer

Territory Sales Manager (OH, IN, KY, IL, MI & West PA)

Rafael Morfin

Territory Sales Manager (Pacific Northwest)

Kent Peters

Territory Sales Manager (Mid Atlantic)

Tim Underwood

Territory Sales Manager (Mississippi Delta)

Anne Gilkerson

Equipment & Parts Sales Coordinator & Office Manager

Parts Sales, Product Support & Warranty

Sonny Polston

Customer Service & Warranty Manager

Erik Bozarth

Assistant Customer Service & Warranty Manager

Connie Labrada

Customer Service & Parts Sales Coordinator

Wyatt Anderson

Parts Manager

Mobile Service Techs

John Hill

Mobile Service Technician

Geoff Sager

Mobile Service Technician

Trevor Sager

Mobile Service Technician

Tim Simmons

Mobile Service Technician

Rafael Morfin

Mobile Service Technician

Operations & Engineering


Sam Ortiz

Plant Manager

Allan Reinhard

Operations Engineer


Tom Rohrig



Manufacturing Facility

6902 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33619

Business Office

6902 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33619


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