ATMAX Equipment Co. was started in 2001 by Tim Ward and his father, David Ward Jr., to build compact equipment for the landscaping and construction industries that would greatly improve the productivity and profitability of companies. After 10 years and endless hours of research & development, ATMAX Equipment Co. has two product lines that do just this – increase one’s productivity and profitability! These products are the MaxAttach and the MowerMax.

In 2004, Tim was driving to work on I-75 and saw a small, zero turn mower trying to mow around a sign pole in the median. The mower was maneuvering around the pole very easily, however, due to the thick and tall grass, it was going very slowly. Then there was a tractor with a pull behind, flex wing mower that was mowing very well in the straight open but could not navigate around obstacles very well. Thus, the beginning of the ATMAX.
After 7 years of research & development, with a lot of market feedback from the commercial/industrial mowing industry, ATMAX Equipment Co. introduced the MowerMax product line. Designed specifically to be the most productive commercial/industrial mower on the market, the MowerMax mowers have five main attributes that set them apart from other mowers:
  • Extraordinary Maneuverability
  • Exceptional Visibility
  • Excellent Mowing Capabilities
  • Easy Transportability
  • Extra Durability

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